7th APOCB Executive Committee Meeting

12:30PM, Tuesday, 25 February 2014 - Matrix Meeting Room 2 Level 3, Biopolis, Singapore


Filipinas F. Natividad Philippines
Xiaoyan Ding China
Hsiu-Jung Lo Taiwan
Yashihiro Yoneda Japan
Eisuke Mekada Japan
Windell Rivera Philippines
Josefino R. Castillo Philippines
Rohan P. Teasdale Australia
Mah-Lee Ng/Mary Ng Singapore
Vegesna Radha India
Jagat Uumar Roy India
Satyajit Mayor India
Cynthia Jensen

New Zealand/Australia


Minutes of the Meeting:

I Call to order:

The meeting was called to order at 1:00PM by current President Dr. Filipinas Natividad.


II Approval of Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting in Manila, Philippines

The previous meeting was held at EDSA Shangri-La Manila, Phil last Feb 25, 2011, 6-9PM and was presided over by the President Prof. Nobotaka Hirakawa. Approval of the minutes of meeting was moved by Cynthia Jensen and seconded by Mary Ng.


III. Report from Dr. Natividad

1 Dr. Natividad gave the financial report:

• Exact amount in the bank, latest statement as of Dec 31, 2013 USD7,744.99 in the account/name of APOCB.

• In the past 3 years, Dr. Natividad also mentioned that there was no collection made for membership fees from the different member organizations and she suggested that we need to collect a back-log/payment/ of the membership fee. That would be very helpful to support the projects of the organization.

2 Dr. Yoneda also reported the current funds of APOCB in Japan which is approximately USD7000.



IV. Issues/Suggestions from Prof. Ding

1 Prof. Ding suggested that there should be one person who is in charge of all correspondences, a Secretariat in a permanent place/country.

2. Prof. Ding volunteered to have 1 person, based in Shanghai, who will handle all the communications/correspondences and will disseminate all the information to officers and members of the organization.

3. Prof. Ding also suggested to have an official website of the organization to make communication more efficient for the members.


V. Strategies to increase funds of the Organization and to recruit more members.

1. Dr. Natividad suggested that we need to strategize how can we can raise funds for the organization to be able to support our activities and other matters that need to be funded.

• First, we shall campaign for membership in countries that are not yet officially registered as members of APOCB. Any society can join the APOCB Organization. It is encouraged to invite some members of the Chinese Cell Biology, Singapore Cell Biology, and other societies that may not necessarily be cell biology.

• In that case, Dr. Cynthia Jensen said that the constitution of the organization needs to be changed.

• Dr. Natividad commented that the officers must have a different meeting for this matter including Prof. Ding, Dr. Jensen and Dr. Yoneda

• Dr. Natividad suggested to invite other countries to be members of the organization. These are the following countries:Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh, Nepal and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

• Prof. Roy from India will be responsible to contact/communicate with Bangladesh, Iran and Sri Lanka. Prof. Castillo from the Philippines will be responsible to communicate with Joe Bae Park of Korea.


VI. Membership Fee

New membership fee was suggested in the meeting and for approval of the new officers.

• $100 for developing countries

• $500 for China and Japan or countries with more than 100 members of Cell Biology Society.


VII. Update on the 7th APOCB

1. Mary Ng representing the Organizing committee for the APOCB Congress in Singapore 2014 gave an update to the Executive Committee Members.

Total participants: 373

Singapore participants (local): 224

Taiwan: 34

China: 24

Japan: 12

Philippines: 8

Others: 71

2. The Singapore organizers were asked if they could possibly give to APOCB funds the amount of $5 per registrant, but according the Mary Ng, this will not be possible because the organizers were not told of this earlier.

3. It was suggested that the $5 per participant should start from the India Conference.


VIII. Venue of the 8th APOCB

In 2018 APOCB will celebrate its 30th anniversary. It was agreed that the next APOCB Congress will be held in India to be organized by the Indian Society for Cell Biology specifically in Hyberabad in January or February of year 2018.


IX. New sets of Officers were elected as follows:

President:                  Satyajit Mayor, India
Secretary General:     Lu Hai Wang, Taiwan
                                   Cynthia Jensen, Australia/New Zealand
Treasurer:                 Yoshihiro Yoneda, Japan
Trustee:                    Filipinas F. Natividad, Philippines


X. Adjournment of Meeting:

Meeting was adjourned at 2:30PM


Minutes taken by: Russel Supnet

Certified Correct: Filipinas F. Natividad